Certification process

What does a certification process look like?

The time required to perform an audit is different for each organization and depends on various factors such as the number of employees of an organization, the processes and the scope of the work. These factors will be identified by us during our first visit (introduction) and that discovery allows us to make a suitable and personalized proposal. The certification process consists of a stage 1 and stage 2 audit. The stage 1 audit focuses on the documentation of your management system and gives our auditor a first impression. Our auditor then makes an inventory of the components of the system that already meet the standard requirements, and which parts still need to be improved or expanded. To give your organization the time & space to follow up the results of the stage 1 audit, there is generally a period of one or more months between the stage 1 and stage 2 audit. Therefore, phase 2 follows only if your organization has been processed phase 1. During the stage 2 audit we assess your complete management system. Is your policy in line with the requirements from the standard and is this policy also applied in practice? If there is a positive result, our auditor sends its recommendation to our independent certification decision maker. After a positive review he will issue you the certificate of registration.

To check the ongoing performance of your management system, there is an annual check audit. We will clearly identify your strengths, omissions or weaknesses that need to be resolved/ improved. In the third year there is an evaluation. Through a periodic assessment we look at the results from the previous audit. Components for improvement that arise structurally, will be given extra attention during the re-certification audit. If the audit again results in an approved positive recommendation, a new certificate will be issued for three years where after the cycle repeats itself. Obviously we will send you a report with the results after each audit.