A.I.S.E. Charter for Sustainable Cleaning

The Charter for Sustainable Cleaning is a voluntary initiative of the European soaps, detergents and maintenance products industry (AISE). The aim is to encourage the industry to produce more sustainably and for consumers to buy and use more sustainably.

The Charter itself is a framework based on the complete lifecycle of a product; from product specification, through manufacturing, to end-use and disposal. The Charter attempts to go beyond the legal requirements to ensure that products are created in the safest and environmentally responsible manner. The framework provides guidance to structure the required sustainable companion activities and to share and exchange ideas. Examples of activities and initiatives range from the human and environmental safety of chemicals and products, optimal consumer information, eco-efficiency, to occupational health and safety and resource use.

The Charter is intended to be applicable to any size organization which operates in any aspect of the soaps, detergents and maintenance products industry. This includes manufacturers, retailers and distributers. This standard often belongs to the set of requirements of customers and suppliers in the aforementioned industry. In addition, the usage of this standard also provides insight to new possibilities and opportunities. The three pillars of the Charter (economic, social and environment) will be measured and reported structurally, and help to drive continuous improvement in sustainable production and consumption. A.I.S.E. reports annually on the aggregated performance of the industry as a whole in Europe.

QualityMasters provides certification for this standard, where after the registration is done by AISE itself through www.sustainable-cleaning.com. For this standard, QualityMasters is considered by A.I.S.E. as a registered “external verifier”. See this page for more information. When your organization meets the licensing conditions of the Charter, you will receive the official Charter logo, which you can use on products, company paper, websites, etc. With this logo you assure your customers that your company produces or supplies a product that delivers continual improvements in safety, environmental friendliness and other key aspects of sustainability. The A.I.S.E. Charter logo gives you a featured and positive brand image, it makes you able to differentiate yourself against the rest of the industry and it strengthens your market position.