QualityMasters has several partnerships that help us deliver more to you, our customer. Among our partners are MKB-Nederland, CSR Netherlands, Nudge, and others. We see collaboration as important for knowledge sharing and innovation, and for leveraging strengths to provide you better support.


Through our participation in events, we want to clarify this. Our partner Nudge has the motto “Together we bring a sustainable society rapidly closer,” and who disagrees? As a Friend of Nudge, you can make a concrete contribution. Through a Friends Service in the form of products, knowledge, space, services or hours, you contribute to one of the projects within the community. Thus, we achieve together a much greater impact! QualityMasters finds this way of reinforcing each other in sustainable living a beautiful mission. Our partner CSR Netherlands inspires, connects and strengthens companies and sectors to continue to take further steps in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR).


Royal Association MKB-Nederland

Our partner MKB-Nederland has existed since 1995, but its first predecessor dates back to the year 1902. It is the largest entrepreneurs’ organization in the Netherlands, representing 120 branch organizations, 250 regional & local entrepreneurs’ fellowships and thousands of other entrepreneurs. This is good for a representation of more than 150,000 organizations. MKB-Nederland operates at European and national level, in cities and regions.