CSR Matrix

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept that is becoming more common, but in fact already has been interwoven in our society for years. It includes having a broad perspective on how to find balance between three important key elements; People (human), Planet (earth) and Profit (prosperity). Over the last few years, the awareness of this concept among consumers has become bigger. There are more requirements and demands placed on products, how they are designed and established. These forces are particularly evident in the areas of environment, human rights, discrimination and social development.

Consumers are more aware of and interested in “going green” and many entrepreneurs do not want to stay behind and evolve along with it. It is the task of the entrepreneur to inform his suppliers, competitors and other stakeholders about his company’s processes and activities in the field of CSR. To support entrepreneurs, QualityMasters developed the CSR Matrix.

This online Matrix is inspired by the ISO 26000 standard and will introduce you to elements that can help you implement sustainable business solutions in your organization. You decide which topics are applicable to you and the Matrix benchmarks your current level of performance and then shows activities for you to consider for additional improvement.

The Matrix contains several levels that will continuously challenge you to take more responsibility and to improve, innovate and grow with respect to people, environment and economy. To demonstrate your development in sustainable manner to your stakeholders, QualityMasters offers you the opportunity to certify your results. A certificate of the MVO Matrix gives you a featured and positive brand image in CSR performance and it strengthens your market position.

Interested? Start right away by filling in your own CSR Matrix!