ISO 9001: Qualitymanagement


is an international standard for the Quality Management System (QMS) of an organization. The QMS focuses on meeting your customer’s requirements and improving their satisfaction with your company and its services. The standard is used both internally and externally to evaluate or determine if the organization conforms to needs & expectations of customers, legal requirements and the organization’s own policy.

The criteria for the QMS are designed to facilitate:
– Creating an overview of the organization structure and controls
– Developing a structural plan (documentation) in according to quality management
– Defining and coordinating the organization’s processes and activities
– Deciding on and acquiring the support goods and services like machines, materials, people and space, to conform to customer’s needs & expectations
– Continuously monitoring/ measuring and examining quality management performance
– Taking appropriate actions by adjusting plans, processes and activities to improve quality performance

ISO 9001 is intended to be applicable to any organization, regardless of its size, industry or the products and services it provides. Using this standard helps increase your customer’s satisfaction with your organization, thanks to continual and structural control and improvement of the quality management system. In turn this will reduce your costs, increase your profitability and help you acquire more new customers.