ISO 22000: Food safety management

NEN-EN-ISO 22000

is an international standard for the food safety management system of an organization that produces, transports and/ or trades food (or: organization dealing with production and transport of food and food trading). The food safety management system mainly focuses on food safety and hygiene in the food chain, meeting the legal requirements and the organization’s own policy. The standard is written based on the basic & hygienic principles of ISO and the HACCP guidelines, and the requirements of the Codex Alimentarius.

The criteria for this standard are designed to facilitate:  
– Developing structural plans (documentation) and defining & coordinating the organization’s processes and activities in according to food safety
– Determination of food safety-related risks and their impact, prioritizing these risks, and taking preventive and corrective actions
– Deciding on and acquiring the support goods and services like machines, materials, people and space, to conform to food safety
– Continuously monitoring/ measuring and examining food safety performance
– Taking appropriate actions by adjusting and implementing plans, processes and activities to improve food safety performance

ISO 22000 is intended to be applicable to any size organization which operates in any aspect of the food chain that wants to implement systems that consistently provide safe products. This includes food producers and retailers, but also non-food producing organizations such as producers of equipment, packaging material, cleaning agents, additives and ingredients.

This chain-oriented standard is accepted worldwide and improves food safety within your organization. This is achieved by continual structural management and improvement of the QMS. Food safety is internationally one of the key focus areas within the food chain. A certificate of this standard also helps your organization gain a strong brand reputation. If you are already certified to HACCP, the certification process for ISO 22000 will be streamlined.