Are you ready for the new standard(s)?

shutterstock_212748979You are seriously considering, or have already decided, to make the transition to ISO 9001:2015 and/ or ISO 14001:2015. An important step in which you will find that the new ISO standard(s) offers more added value to the organization than just requirements in terms of quality and environmental management.

First of all, the standard(s) have been put into a completely new jacket, that of the High Level Structure (HLS). This complies with ISO 9001/ 14001 core requirements, which are generally applicable to all ISO management systems. All new and revised ISO management system standards will be built according to this structure. Integration of quality management with, for example, environmental and OHS management or information security becomes so much easier. As a result, management systems will better match the trend of integrated management.

The second important aspect of the ISO standards is that they make a direct link between busness strategy and operational management. In other words, the HLS implies that management systems that exist only in the ”real” business are belonging to the past.

Not only for directors, but especially for the KAM managers, the new standards offer interesting opportunities and challenges. They can take their role as a connecting link between strategy and operation, namely the translation of the ”euro” and the risks involved in the strategy to operational processes. On the other hand, they must Ensure that information about performing the operation becomes management information again. This role can be taken immediately upon the transition to ISO 9001:2015 and/ or ISO 14001:2015