EN 15224: Quality management for Healthcare services

EN 15524: Quality management for Healthcare services 

is an European standard for the qualitymanagement of a Healthcare organization. The system is broadly applicable to various disciplines of Healthcare. The standard focuses on the general principles of qualitymanagement. The basis is formed by the ISO 9001, which the EN 15224 translates generic guidelines into specific situations within Healthcare institutions.

The requirements of the standard focus on the following things:

– Suitable proper care
– Availability
– Continuity of care
– Efficiency
– Expendiency
– Equivalency
– Care based on evidence and knowledge
– On care receiver based care (physical, mental and social integrity)
– involvement of care recipient
– Client/ Patient safety
– Timeliness/ accessibility

EN 15224 is suitable for both large and small Healthcare organizations and institutions, regardless of size and nature of the services. With the standard, a Healthcare organization operationalises its priority areas, thanks to a continuous structural control and improvement of the qualitymanagement system  for Healthcare. It is important to consider the above points (the standard does not say that they are required), a Healthcare organization may also decide alternative quality features and define and describe them.